You’ve created lasting memories in it, hosted family functions in it, watched your children take their first steps in it and created countless other lasting memories in it. So the question is, who do you trust to renovate it…we’re speaking of your home of course. Well, you want someone you can trust but also a professional who can complete the job with keeping green in mind. After all, it’s all about lessening your carbon footprint right?

So what is green when related to construction and building? Green buildings are structures that are environmentally friendly and resource efficient. Ok, great, but why should you care if your house is green or not? Well, it can provide many benefits. These can include:

Emission Reduction: Pollutants released by fossil fuels contribute to global climate issues such as acid rain and smog. However, green buildings can reduce harmful emissions by increasing energy efficiency.

Energy and Water Savings: Green building have designs that reduce operation costs quickly and will soon recover any costs to make your house more environmentally friendly. Money that was previously saved for house utility costs can be spent elsewhere.

Increased Property Values: With energy costs constantly on the rise, green buildings with low operating costs have a higher property value.

Improved Health: Poor indoor environmental quality resulting from insufficient air circulation, poor lighting, mold build up, temperature variances and many more can create a high concentration of pollutants. This can contribute to respiratory problems, allergies, nausea and headaches. Green building can make for a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

As you can see from these benefits, it is becoming more and more important to be aware of your energy footprint. However, renovating your home is already a tough process. Making it green can be even tougher. This makes it even more important that you hire the right contractor.

 You can also make it easier by having green goals. Some of these goals can include:

  •          Save energy
  •         Use Fewer Resources
  •         Enjoy the cleaner indoor air

However, just because your house is built to be greener does not mean you will automatically be green. You need to follow environmentally friendly tactics in order to be truly green.