We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery and building our dream home, with our very own personal details carried out right down to the custom revolving shoe closet.  The reality is, home renovations can be stressful & costly when the right contractor isn’t involved.

Breathing new life into your home is great, but before you start anything, it’s important that you create a detailed plan for yourself. When organizing your renovation, there are some key details to keep in mind.

Decide on Your Style

Guaranteed if you’re looking to renovate your home, you at least have an idea of what you want the end result to look like.  Look through magazines and articles and find examples you like. After this you will have a clearer picture of you what you want. That way when you talk to contractors, when they ask what exactly you’re looking for or want you will have a better answer than I don’t know.

Define Your Goal

Determine why exactly you want to renovate your house. Maybe you want to increase the resale value or increase space for your family. This is important because it will help your contractors decide on what the end result will look like or even how they will complete the renovation.

Determine Your Budget

It is important to determine how much you are able to spend on your renovation. This way you will know how much you are able to spend on and set aside some extra just in case unexpected problems arise.

Determine Your Time Frame

Figure out exactly how long you are willing to wait for your home to be renovated. This will help your contractor keep on track.

Go find your Contractor

It’s important that you conduct research and find a contractor who is an expert. There have been many home renovations that have not gone well because of inexperienced contractors. Do your homework and find someone you can trust. Ask around, and likely you’ll begin to hear of a seasoned professional who’s work is trusted in your area.

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